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“Love the Prime Rib Rub!!! Cannot say enough about the prime rib rub we used on Thanksgiving 2020. All of the seasonings we’ve tried are excellent. Up next, meatloaf. This is a family owned and operated company and the people are great as well.”

– Greg LaMontagne

“I am one of the pickiest meat loaf people ever. I have tried to make my own and just never comes out right. Today I tried your meatloaf seasoning mix and was beyond impressed…it was PHENOMENAL!!! My husband was raving about it too!”

– Daisy Dex

“MFS definitely has the best salmon seasoning. Also customer service is top notch as well which is hard to find these days!”

– Cody Johnson

“Best Prime Rib Seasoning Ever!!”

– Robin Thompson

“OMG!!! I have been searching years to find the perfect seasoning for my steaks! I have tried them all …and I do mean ALL! Your seasoning is perfection!!! It gave my steaks that high dollar flavor you pay big bucks for in those big name restaurants! All I can say is thank you and please, please stick around! Don’t let the big boys chase you out of business, because once they find out what your seasonings do to perfect the flavor of meats they will try to either buy you out or ?? Once again THANK YOU for sharing your seasonings!!”

– Lee Wainuskis 

“Love your prime rib seasoning and ordered more for my Niece, who loves it on prime rib. The rib seasoning is so wonderful, I am trying the pork, poultry, hamburger and meat loaf seasoning. I know I will not be disappointed!”

– Dorothy Nadolski

my family's seasonings prime rib seasoning 3.6 oz bag

“I have never used a dry rub on anything. I also have never used my new air fryer for making fresh chicken. Well today I did both! It was fantastic, the blend of seasoning was wonderful..the taste is excellent. I will be using this again and again – thank you for such a great product.”

– Kristal Luckey

“There’s nothing better than your Seafood Seasoning for Salmon!!! My husband picked this up at the Fallon, NV Naval Base several years ago and now can’t get it there!! :( Hope to be finding a place soon to purchase it at!”

– Mary Margaret Bloyed

“I discovered My Family’s Seasoning hamburger seasoning in Publix on one of my grocery trips in 2015. Since then I have been sold on it. Having been unavailable in Publix I resorted to Amazon. Today Amazon did not have the hamburger seasoning on their website, therefore I visited the My Family’s website to fulfill my seasoning’s need. I use this seasoning for ALL meats and poultry. It occupies “first place” on my spice rack.”

– Barbara Flo

my family's seasonings meatloaf mix seasoning 4.8 oz bag

“I was at the grocery store in Georgia and I had a craving for meatloaf. Your package caught my eye… My Family Seasoning… no MSG, no preservatives, all natural… ‘Well, why not!’ I said. OMG!!! The meatloaf was a hit. I went back to the store and purchased 2 packs of the meatloaf and a pack of the prime rib seasoning to take home. The prime rib seasoning was amazing. The brown sugar and ketchup is an amazing glaze. The other products I put ketchup on for sweetness but nothing like your meatloaf. Amazing job with the meatloaf recipe. I hope to see your products in the northern stores soon.”

– Lynette Rhoden, Connecticut

“We have been using your meatloaf mix for several months now. We did not even realize that you were a Florida based company. Awesome, love the no msg and no preservatives. We purchase at Publix in Sarasota. Thank you.”

– Christine Foster, Florida

“My sister used your meatloaf seasoning and raved about it. She got it from her Publix in Miami.

– Diane Kennedy, Florida

“Thank you for the acknowledgement of my order. I had your Salmon Seasoning at a friend’s and I have to say that it was absolutely the BEST tasting seasoning I have ever had. I will recommend this to everyone I know. My son has just got back from Alaska with Salmon & Halibut so I can hardly wait to get my order. If possible, I would like to increase my order to 2 ea. so I can give one to my son. If so, what is the total with shipping? Also, do I mail the check to the Oceanside Blvd. address? As soon as I hear from you I will have the check in the mail. Thank you & hope you have a great day!”

– Gayle B., Oceanside, CA.

“This is the best product. I love this seasoning. I have turned all my friends on to this secret for the best prime rib. When I ask my friends what I should bring to our potlucks, they always say bring your prime rib. This product is incredible. When I went to Ralph’s Grocery Store today, they told me they don’t stock it any more. I almost started crying. But I would not take no for an answer. I thought that a product as good as this would not be discontinued. So, I searched the store and found it in the spices isle right next to the salt. It used to be in the butcher section. I was so happy that I found it, I went back to the butcher and showed him where it was. Please don’t stop making this. I will never again make a prime rib without it. It makes my prime rib a superior prime rib. Thanks for being here and thanks from me and my family and friends for making something soooo yummy. Don’t ever change and please don’t stop making this. My taste buds thank you too!!!”

– Marsha M., Palm Springs, CA.

“I have had the worst luck with preparing prime rib – so a friend of mine suggested I try your rub and your instructions – she promised it would be PERFECT! I am really looking forward to trying it.”

– Linda D., Temecula, CA